In the current competitive market, many companies are choosing to focus their resources on their core business. Outsourcing has emerged as a way for companies to maintain essential services, such as developing technical documentation, without losing focus on core objectives or adding to headcount. The Bardwrite outsourcing model is designed to be flexible and scalable.

Meeting your unique needs

The needs of each client are unique. Bardwrite draws from its extensive skills base in technical documentation to assemble the right team for the job. Clients can draw upon our expertise in management consulting to determine how the Bardwrite solution can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

We can manage it all or augment your staff

Bardwrite can address part of your documentation process by augmenting and supporting your own documentation team, or we can manage the entire documentation cycle. We manage the planning stages; write, edit, and produce the documentation; and even prepare it for translation. Bardwrite’s documentation solution is specially geared towards the needs of multinational companies. Bardwrite personnel have extensive experience in working with different cultures.

Case Study: Outsourcing

Nortel decided to phase out one group of telecommunications switches and, in a competitive hiring environment, wanted to put their writers on the up-and-coming products, so they outsourced the entire product line to Bardwrite. The Bardwrite writers stayed in close contact with Nortel’s engineers and product managers and provided all documentation requirements for the remaining life of that product. The product was successfully brought to end of life, while the in-house writers were able to focus on the company’s future products.

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