The Bardwrite staff is experienced both in the writing of documentation for international audiences and in the practical details of preparing documentation and online help for translation. Several staff members have worked in localisation and have contributed to localising documentation for companies, such as Microsoft, MicroStrategy, IBM, Motorola, Eastman-Kodak, RSA Security, and Symantec.

Quality and cost-savings

Bardwrite’s localisation services are designed to reduce the costs of localisation, to make that process as trouble-free as possible by streamlining it, and to raise the quality of the localised documentation.

Localisation services

Bardwrite provides the following localisation services:

  • Localisation consulting

Bardwrite can assess your documentation and current localisation practices and make recommendations on strategies to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Internationalisation of documentation

Bardwrite can create documents that are suitable for immediate international sale and optimised for translation. Internationalised documents cost less to localise, because less time is needed for translation and far fewer issues and queries arise during the translation cycle. The cost of translating updates is also significantly reduced.

  • Writer training

Bardwrite can teach your writers to be aware of localisation concerns while they develop documentation. We can help them understand the overall localisation process and how their efforts can streamline it.

  • Preparation for translation

Bardwrite can analyse and prepare documentation and online help for immediate delivery to translators, without the need for further intervention from the client or from the client’s localisation vendor. The deliverable to the client will include detailed word counts and instructions for translators.

  • Preparation for translation

Bardwrite can do a quality check of the localised documentation and online help received from the client’s localisation vendor.

Contact Details

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