Editorial Services

Our technical editing department reviews documentation as Bardwrite technical writers create it to check organisation, eliminate errors, and ensure that the content conforms to the client’s style. This process produces professional, technically correct documentation for the target audience.

Editing reviews

Our editors also offer independent technical editing services for existing documentation as follows:

Standard review:

  • Proofreading
  • Correction of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Marking text to be changed

Comprehensive review:

  • Proofreading
  • Correcting spelling and grammatical errors
  • Analysing for clarity and style
  • Marking text to be changed and offering suggested rewrites
  • Reorganising content to document flow

For the standard and comprehensive reviews, Bardwrite annotates and comments on the document, but does not alter the original. The client decides whether to accept or reject the editorial comments and incorporates them into the master copy.


  • Creating a master copy containing all changes
  • Rewriting and reorganising the original document
  • Incorporating client review comments into the master copy

Case Study: Editorial Services

Bardwrite was asked to provide editing services for a technical writing team in a company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Bardwrite’s brief was to streamline the documents, to convert them to the company template and to apply the company style in order to shape a consistent and harmonised suite of documents that contained information the reader could easily access. Bardwrite editors held frequent telephone conferences with the project manager and production manager in Calgary to discuss problem areas and to provide solutions.

In November the senior editor and the template expert visited the Calgary offices to meet the writers and the management team. They made presentations on the support services we provide to the writers, an outline of the company writing style, how to apply the new FrameMaker template, our aims for the current release of the documents and the standard we would establish for the follow-on release.

The Bardwrite team met individually with each writer to discuss in detail specific problems they encountered, including phraseology, organisation, template irregularities, and electronic editing. They established deadline scheduling with the project and production managers. This trip established good personal working relationships between the Calgary staff and the Bardwrite editing team, and thereafter, any problems and queries were smoothly dealt with by phone or e-mail. Our editors transferred large documents using the website and the writers enthusiastically accepted the practice of electronic editing, which they found easy to adopt.

Their satisfaction with Bardwrite editing services was expressed in the quote in the right-hand column.

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